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Product Specs & Approvals
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​​​The following documents provide details on specifications and approvals for Chesterton's industrial lubricants and MRO chemicals:

 NSF Registration : Available on each Product Page in the tab marked "SDS/NSF/Datasheets".  

Kosher Certificate and Halal Certificate for the following products:

  • Chesterton 622(E) White Grease
  • Chesterton 625(E) CXF Grease
  • Chesterton 690FG(E) Lubricant (Bulk)
  • Chesterton 662FG(E) - Barrier Fluid 22

Chesterton 800 GoldEnd Tape Certificate EU1935:

EU Allergen Statement

 Chesterton 800 GoldEnd Tape BAM Certificate

800 Gold End Tape BAM Oxygen approval.pdf

German Underground Mining Approvals

German Underground Mining Approval Coatings (E).pdf

German Underground Mining Approval Corrosion Protection (E).pdf

German Underground Mining Approval Gaskets.pdf

German Underground Mining Approval Lubricants (E).pdf

Chesterton Industrial Lubricants Specifications