Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM VS

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Lubri-Cup™ EM-VS
Vibration Sensing for Standby Equipment


​​This automatic grease dispenser offers next-generation electromechanical technology with a vibration sensor that activates lubrication only when equipment is operating. 

When the Lubri-Cup EM VS receives a vibration signal form the equipment, it begins delivering the preset amount of grease to the machine at pre-set intervals. When there is no signal, the unit automatically returns to standby mode. This standby functionality automatically provides the proper maintenance as needed to keep equipment in top-notch condition, and prevents problems caused by over-greasing.​

Synchronized to equipment
Easy to install and to adjust settings
Programmable; operates up to 12 months​
Replaceable grease service packs with alkaline or lithium battery
Lubricates up to eight bearings
Remote installation up to 6 M (19 ft.) away​​​
Single-point dispensing up to 10 M (33 ft.) away
The Lubri-Cup EM-VS unit is programmable for 60CC, 120CC, or 240CC​
​Electric Motors
Fans and Blowers
HVAC equipment
Conveyors, Hoists, Cranes
Pumps, Compressors, Mixers
Filling, Bottling and Packaging Equipment

​085840​Lubri-Cup EM-VS 60/120/240​






Brochure: Chesterton Lubri-Cup Automatic Grease Dispensers (English) Chesterton Lubri-Cup Automatic Grease Dispensers (English)pdf
Installation Guide: Lubri-Cup EM VS User Manual (English) Guide: Lubri-Cup EM VS User Manual (English)pdf