Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM Series

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Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM Series
Electro-Mechanical Automatic Grease Dispensers: Eliminates Under and Over Greasing


​​​Chesterton's most advanced automatic lubricator is micro-processor controlled and electro-mechanical.  The Chesterton Lubri-Cup™ EM ​can also be combined with a divider block to lubricate multiple bearings.

This uniquely designed tool automatically dispenses Chesterton grease to critical areas and eliminates over and under greasing. These robust units have a compact, convenient and sturdy design that is simple to install, operate and maintain.

*Purchase one of the EM Main Units and separately a service pack system filled with the Chesterton grease of choice.

Chesterton Lubri-Cup EM​​ comes in four models:​

  • EM: Primary unit, micro-processor "pulse" delivery system
  • EM-X: Certified for use in potentially hazardous environments
  • EM-S: Operation is machine synchronized
  • EM-SP: Machine synchronized, external machine powered

Product Availability: North America, South America, Asia and Australia

For EMEA: Contact local distributor​

Excellent corrosion protection
High load carrying ability
Best-in-class water and chemical washout resistance
QBT Quiet Bearing Technology
Automatic grease dispensing

Reduced lubricant consumption

​If using 500cc unit with divider block, it's recommended to purchase service packs with lithium batteries
Electric Motors
Fans and Blowers
HVAC equipment
Conveyors, Hoists, Cranes
Pumps, Compressors, Mixers
Filling, Bottling and Packaging Equipment

Contact your local Chesterton sales/service office for more details on grease filled service packs.


​084307​Lubri-Cup EM 250cc Main Unit
​084510​​Lubri-Cup EM 500cc Main Unit
​084308​​Lubri-Cup EM-X 250cc Main Unit
​084309​​Lubri-Cup EM-S 250cc Main Unit
​084311​​Lubri-Cup EM-SP 250cc Main Unit (for DC Power)