Chesterton Opticool 972

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Chesterton Opticool 972
Metalworking Fluid with Superior Cooling Properties


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This new generation DEA and boron-f​ree formulation incorporates all the benefits of synthetic technology. Superior non-foaming ingredients, corrosion inhibitors, and extreme pressure additives offer a premier, multi-task, high-speeds and feeds metalworking fluid.​

Availability: ​Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

Superior cooling properties
Rejects tramp oil
Excellent swarf settling and filterability
Reduces heat at high speeds and feeds​
Reduces odors associated with emulsion coolants
No gummy residues
Excellent corrosion protection for ferrous and yellow metals
Bio-resistant package reduces microbial attack
Allows for a clean, safe worker environment​
Contains no nitrites, phenols, sulfur, mercurials, or formaldehyde
Container SizeReorder Number
20 Liter084230
208 Liter084231​



Safety Datasheet: Opticool 972(E) Rev 10-18 (English) 972(E)_EN_10-2018.pdfSafety Datasheet: Opticool 972(E) Rev 10-18 (English)pdf
Product Datasheet: Opticool 972(E) Rev 10-18 (English) 972(E)_EN_10-2018.pdfProduct Datasheet: Opticool 972(E) Rev 10-18 (English)pdf
SDS: Opticool 972 (E) (English) 972(E)_V-1,11_2017-10-16_GB-en Che-49.pdfSDS: Opticool 972 (E) (English)pdf
SDS: Opticool 972 (E) (Hungarian) 972(E)_V-1,11_2017-10-16_H-hu Che-49.pdfSDS: Opticool 972 (E) (Hungarian)pdf
Product Datasheet: Opticool 972 (GB/English) Datasheet: Opticool 972 (GB/English)pdf