720 CCG Chain, Cable, and Gear Lubricant

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720 CCG - Chain, Cable, and Gear Lubricant
Extreme Pressure, Water, and Corrosion Resistant


Chesterton® 720 CCG is a multi-use, off-white translucent, polymer-modified synthetic lubricant. This product is well suited for applications requiring a high-pressure resistance and a durable film.

Due to high shear strength and self-adhering film, 720 CCG will not fling off or extrude like ordinary oils and greases. Chesterton 720 CCG forms a robust “wear shield” which stays in place even under the most extreme pressures. The contact surfaces are cushioned, thereby extending life of chains, sprockets, wire ropes, and gear drives.

720 CCG lubricant's anti-corrosion action and water resistance protect chains, wire ropes, and gears exposed to moisture and corrosive liquids and vapors, far exceeding conventional grease technology.

720 CCG can be used in applications where NSF H1 certification is required. Apply manually by squirt oiler, brush, or automatic dispensers ideally to clean, dry surfaces

​NSF Registered H1
Lubrication and protection in one product
Polymer-modified synthetic base
Self-adhering, non-dripping lubricant
High-pressure resistant and shear stable; reduces wear, and extends equipment life
Water and corrosion resistant
​Light color, translucent film

Chain Drives/Sprockets
Small Pitch Open Gears
Oven Chains
Wire Ropes/Cables
Chain Conveyors
Worm Drive Gearboxes
Motor-Operated Valves

Container Size 720
Item Number

20 L

20 L
208 L