Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1

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Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1
Synthetic, Corrosion-Resistant Machinery Grease


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​This synthetic lubricating grease is best suited for equipment with medium-to-large-sized, slow-moving bearings such as pumps, large conveyors, agitators and mixers.  It can be used universally in food and non-food industries. 

Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1 is a high base oil viscosity, high performance synthetic grease that has excellent corrosion protection and superior resistance to water washout and spray off.  It has a dropping point of 316°C (600°F), and excellent shear stability.  630 SXCF 220 #1 will continue to lubricate even in the presence of heat, steam, and hot water wash downs. 

630 SXCF 220 #1 is NSF H1 Registered and complies with FDA 178.3570 for use in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing equipment.

Not available in Europe, Middle East.

​NSF Registered H1​
QBT™ Quiet Bearing Technology
Superior water spray-off
Long-term equipment protection from rust and corrosion
Exceptional shear and thermal​ stability
Anti-oxidants prevent hardening and crystallization
Easy to dispense through central lubrication systems​


Pulp and paper mills
Mining operations
Water Treatment / Wastewater
Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical
​ ​


Mixers & Agitators
Crusher rolls
Hammer mills
Continuous rotary fillers
Large conveyors
​ ​
Container Size 630Reorder Number
​400 Gram085768
18 Kilogram085769
55 Kilogram085770
180 Kilogram085771



Product Datasheet: Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1 (English) Datasheet: Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1 (English)pdf
NSF Certification: 630 SXCF 220 (English) SXCF 220-1.pdfNSF Certification: 630 SXCF 220 (English)pdf
SDS: Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1 (English) Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1 (English)pdf
SDS: 630 220 #1 (Polski) 630 220 #1 (Polski)pdf
Product Datasheet: 630 SXCF 220 #1 (Español) Datasheet: 630 SXCF 220 #1 (Español)pdf



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