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Component Sealing Solutions

​​​​Most plant teams focus on reliable sealing for large critical valves, heat exchangers, and other large equipment using conventional sealing methods. Areas that involve minor leaks often go ignored or end up at the bottom of the maintenance list. These leaks can add up quickly in terms of cost and safety.

Chesterton offers a collection of sealing support products that stop leaks easily where many conventional sealing methodologies may not work. These products solve issues involving:

  • Threaded connections​
  • Irregular or pitted flanges and casings
  • Pipe and fittings in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Valve stem sealing up to 260°C (500°F)

Chesterton's Sealing Support Products:

Chesterton 800 GoldEnd Tape: Ultra, high-density, pure PTFE thread sealant designed not to shred or tear like conventional low density "tapes" - perfect for sealing threaded fittings and connections

Chesterton 900 GoldEnd Paste:​ Non-hardening PTFE fortified thread lubricant and sealant

Chesterton 860 MPG: Moldable polymer gasketing that can be used for effective sealing of eroded, pitted, or otherwise damaged surfaces

Chesterton 3500 Valvelon:​ Pure PTFE valve sealant. Easy to use, this product molds to conform to stem and stuffing box irregularities. It provides cost-effective valve sealing for inexpensive valves

These products:​

  • Are engineered to provide consistent sealing under demanding conditions of temperature, chemical, and mechanical changes
  • Eliminate costs as well as possible environmental impacts of leaks
  • Include alternate gasketing systems that eliminate the major limitations of conventional compressed sheet gaskets