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Plant Realizes a 90% Reduction in Motor Failures with Lubrication Upgrades – A Success Story ​​​


​Do your plant's motors experience significant downtime and/or frequent failure due to bearing issues?

Less than 9% of bearings reach their life expectancy, according to the American Bearing Manufacturers Association. The majority of bearing failures (64%​are actually caused by poor lubrication and are preventable with the right choices and planning.

The following customer success story illustrates how a simple upgrade in grease quality and application can have an enormous payoff in uptime and cost savings. 



One of our cus​tomers was replacing 24-30 electric motors p​er year at a cost of $5,000-$27,500 USD each. 


The motors were constantly subjected to dust, heat, water, and aggressive chemicals.  Bearing failure was common.​​​​



All motors were converted to Chesterton 615 HTG #2 (High Temperature Grease) applied via Lubri-Cup™ EM Automatic Lubricant Dispensers. ​

  • The 250 cc grease pack used was dispensed evenly over 6 months
  • Once a week, the units were visually inspected to ensure proper operation
  • The grease pack and battery were replaced on a 6-month interval​


Savings & Improved Reliability

  • The plant realized a 90% reduction in electric motor failure – dramatically improving reliability and productivity
  • After 5 years, the facility replaces only 3-4 motors per year – and none due to bearing failures
  • Labor costs were greatly reduced​

Annual Savings: $425,000!



We can help you increase the productivity of your equipment. Contact us today to find out how!