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Industrial Toolbox: LUBRICATION ESSENTIALS​​​​

Industrial Lubricants Toolbox
You use the best skilled mechanics, diagnostic tools and  best practices to rebuild and recommission critical plant equipment.  So it stands to reason that you should also use best-in-class lubricants to ensure optimal performance and reliability. 

Below, learn about  Chesterton advanced lubricants and why they deliver a level of reliability that make them essential to your operation.


1. Bearing & Coupling Lubrication

Commodity lubricants often fail to deliver performance in harsh operating conditions. As a result, mechanical assemblies fail prematurely, consume excessive energy and drive up operational costs. The lubricants you select for your "toolbox" should be formulated to meet and exceed the operational requirements of the specific application,  including exposure to water, heat, pH, abrasive, vibration and shock l​oad.

Electric Motors & Lubrication Nee​​ds

Electric motors require grease that does not separate or oil bleed, resists water and prevents corrosion, and can remain the correct thickness or consistency over a long operational window.  

​​ Electric-Motor-Lubricaiton ​​Chesterton 635 SXC​
  • Our BEST Electric Motor grease and is ideal for all mot​ors from -20C to 100C (-4F to 200F) and RPMs up to 1750 RPM

For colder service temperatures, the use of Chesterton 630 SXCF, with its low visco​sity, synthetic base oil, is recommended.  Further, 630 SXCF is suggested up to 3600 RPM. 

Both of these greases have:

  • Synthetic base oil
  • High load carrying capability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High water washout resistance
  • Very low oil bleed

Both 635 SXC and 630 SXCF feature Chesterton's proprietary QBT additive technology.​


Couplings can wear, suffer from corrosion and lead to increased vibration.  Vibration compromises the bearing life of the pump and electric motor as well as the pump seal.

​​ Couplings-Lubrication-Chesterton ​​Chesterton 615 HTG 460#2 
  • Our recommended coupling grease for gear, chain, and grid-based couplings
  • High base oil viscosity
  • Outstanding extreme pressure capabilities for dampening vibration
  • Superior shear resistance

Pump Bearings

Pump bearings support the shaft and seal assembly.  While many pumps are oil lubricated, split case pumps, slurry pumps, axial flow pumps, mixers, agitators and others maybe grease lubricated.  Industrial conditions including water ingress, corrosive vapor, abrasive contamination as well as human error in regards to lubrication and installation can result in premature failure

​​ Bolting-Square.jpg ​​Chesterton 615 HTG #2 and HTG #1​​​

These greases are our recommendation for enhancing the life of pump bearings. 

  • Protect pump bearings from corrosion, water ingress
  • Prevent damage from vibration and load
  • Reduce abrasive wear due to presence of Ep additives
  • Automated delivery of grease using the Chesterton Lubri-Cup ™ ​system can eliminate human error in over and under-lubricating—one of the leading causes of bearing failure.

​2. Valve Gear Set Lubrication (MOV and Manual)

Typical grease that is based on lithium complex and other conventional thickeners can separate, thin out and fail to coat the valve gears and bearings over  long-term use.  The separated grease will often seep past shaft seals and contaminate the working area, as well as form hardened thickener residue in the gear and bearing assembly.  Water and corrosive vapors degrade conventional grease, corroding bearings and gears and ultimately resulting in gear and bearing failure. 

​​ MOV-Valves ​​Chesterton 615 HTG #1​
Chesterton 630 SXCF 220 #1​

  • These advanced greases offer demonstrated capabilities to protect and preserve bearing and gear sets used in MOVs for plug, gate and ball valves in API and CPI services, pulp and paper, power, waste water, and other industries
  • These greases offer excellent corrosion resistance, water washout resistance, load-carrying capabilities.

3. Actuator/AOV Lubrication

Air delivery is controlled to the valve with the use of electronically actuated solenoids.  These components open and close to direct pressurized air to the valve actuator.  Solenoids fail when the interval valves clog, stick and seize. 

​​ Pneumatic-Valves-Chesterton ​​Chesterton 652 Pneumatic Lubricant and Conditioner​

  • Designed to clean, and condition seals, remove stick residue, and reduce sliding friction between seal and cylinder.
  • On used equipment, 652 can eliminate actuation delays and increase cylinder reliability, and seal life
  • On new equipment, 652 ensures that the maximum life is achieved by scavenging moisture, lowering sliding friction, and conditioning sealing components.
  • In service results using this lubrication have delivered a dramatic increase in actuator life.

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