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About Us
Chesterton Industrial Lubrication/MRO Products

​​In most process industries, the need for consistent, high-quality, reliable plant maintenance solutions—specifically in aggressive environments—is frequently undervalued until it is too late, resulting in expensive equipment repair and replacement, safety issues, and unbudgeted labor costs.

To keep companies ahead of maintenance crises, Chesterton has a broad range of comprehensive lubrication programs focused on friction detection, corrosion prevention, and equipment life extension. These programs often dramatically improve equipment reliability and reduce total cost of ownership. Aggressive, difficult, and complicated industrial environments are where we work best, offering proven expertise that often translates to big savings.

The Chesterton Advantage

Our industrial lubrication solutions improve the reliability of equipment that includes:

  • Bearings: Electric Motors, Fans, Blowers, Conveyors, Pumps, Mixers, Agitators, and more
  • Bolting/Fasteners
  • Chain Drives
  • Flange/Case Seal
  • Pneumatic Tools, Solenoids
  • Thread Sealing
  • Wire Ropes, Cranes, Hoists


Sample Solutions

  • Extend chain life
  • Improve bearing performance
  • Maximize wire rope and cable performance
  • Protect open gears
  • Achieve trouble-free threaded assemblies
  • Optimize pneumatic reliability
  • Minimize friction and wear in extreme pressure applications
  • Stabilize control valves
  • Clean rust and scale
  • Remove grease, oil, and dirt rapidly